The main purpose for juicing is to allow people to pack more nutrition into their diets. While everyone has their own reasons for wanting to juice, it is a never a bad idea to simply start by making small juices with breakfast.

Juicing can also help you ease your ailments. While I do not want to claim that juicing can actually cure your ailments, it has certainly cured a few of mine.

I recommend going to your physician and getting full blood work done. Once you receive your results, commit 3-4 months of active juicing. When I say active juicing, I mean making a conscious effort to replace at least one meal per day with a large juice while eating cleanly for the other meals. After your 3-4 months, go back and see what your blood work reveals.

While our bodies can tell us a lot just by feeling, blood work reveals any hidden information we need to know.

As I build this site, I will be adding recipes the help ease certain ailments. If you have any recipes you would like to help with a specific ailment, simply E-mail me, and within the week I will post a recipe and Blog accompanying your concern. Your name will not be listed, but I will E-mail you with a link to inform you a Blog has gone up in response to your concern. You can reach me here at: JuicingOnABudget@Gmail.com or message me on my Facebook page here: Juicing On A Budget Facebook Page.